Bandolero and Bandolera — a display typeface design based on Paul Bacon’s Piranha cover design which was lettered by hand.

Dot Script, 2013. A new script display typeface
based on dots resembling theatre bulbs on a Broadway marquee.

Cruz Scripts Pro: OTF Ballpoint, Calligraphic and Brush styles. These three fonts contain 21 clip art drawings based on the character of each typestyle.

A condensed semi-serif display typeface
with a Western flavor.

Cruz Handy. An OTF display font, casual and playful with swashes to attract attention. Available in 2 weights and includes 6 catch words.


Cruz Stencil. Caps and small caps. Ideal for packaging logos and titles.

Romantica Condensed and Extra Condensed. Designed specifically for Romantic pocket-book novels to fit more words in a narrow space.

Cruz Swinger, circa the 70s. The sign of the times — anti-war fervor mixed with sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll.

Troubadour. A casual and whimsical typestyle for greeting cards and fun events.

Elegante. Three weights and three cursive italics.  A roman and versatile style with a calligraphic pen flavor.

Homeland. Available only from Bitstream and Three weights and three cursive italics. A serious and bold slab-serif typeface
to deliver a strong message.

VeraCruz. Available from Bitstream and

Latin extended codepage to support more languages.

Contains aligned and bouncing character sets.

Fat Albert. A typeface inspired by the Bill Cosby TV show cartoon character.

Cruz Cantera. Inspired by a 19th century stock
certificate and soft round river rocks from La Cantera.

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