Experimental logo: New York street sign graphic created with Illustrator and Strata 3D. Photo taken from a NY ferry and applied to mirror surface.

Logo for an editorial tittle design.
Signature magazine.

Presented at the TypeCon conference hosted
by the The New School in NYC, 2005.


Methodology: Letters were drawn with a flashlight in a dark room. The images were captured with a digital camera. Flashlights were customized to create multicolored light textures.


It’s fascinating to see how texture and colors
can be applied to a flash of light.

Calligraphy with a flashlight

Eight panel brochure. Only front and back shown here. Designed to promote Letraset’s rub-down lettering style sheets.


The theme was numerology. Design by Ray Cruz

and George Pierson (numerologist). CD, Curt Dwyer.  Agency, Letraset USA.

Mini Rice Cakes logo design for Apple Designsource.

AD, Barry Seelig. Client-Frito Lay.

New York Book Show. Call for Entries poster design for the Bookbinders’ Guild of NY Awards show.

Design, Ray Cruz. AD, Pat Smythe.

New York Book Show. Book cover and interior design by Janet Slowik. AD, Pat Smythe.

Experimental logo design.

American Classical Orchestra/Thomas Crawford, conductor. Music is performed for children using restored period intruments.


Printed in metallic gold and black.

Brochure design by Ray Cruz and Mrs. Vick.

HBO. Ticket designs for bill stuffer promotion.

Package design for experimental guacamole dip in 3D with animation.

Y&R Rocks. Comprehensive sketch.

Train locomotive illustration with Adobe illustrator.

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